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different_hue's Journal

Adding Something New To The Mixture
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Welcome to the graphics journal of mrsdtaylor.

You should expect to find icons. And other digital art. Groovy. Maybe the odd alligator, yknow, if you're lucky.

Feel free to add this community to your friends list. There is no need to ask.

My icons will mostly be of Without a Trace, Enrique Murciano and The Raconteurs. But there will be one off posts of various films, fashion & art, other personalities & iconic figures and various other tv shows as they wander in and out of my life.

I make all my icons using Photoshop CS on my baby Taylor, the little, pretty, white MacBook.

Brushes come from various sources.
Deviant Art has a huge resource, my apologies for not crediting individuals.
If you see your brush used in one of my icons and wish me to credit you specifically, please let me know and I will happily add your name here.

When taking icons and other artworks please credit mrsdtaylor or different_hue

Please don't alter icons without asking.

If you wish to request any icons or other artworks feel free to ask. I may or may not be able to meet any requests depending on the day, but it never hurts to give it a try. Please comment to this post or the relevant post containing an artwork you wish to be changed specifically for you.

If you see a brush or font that you like, by all means ask where it is from. However I don't keep track of when and where I collect individual resources, so apologies and don't be suprised if I can't remember.

Please dont ask for tutorials or technique explanations. Im really not good at explaining things and I most likely wont have the time to try. However I don't often use any advanced techniques or anything that can't be found elsewhere on livejournal.

If you would like to affiliate your graphics journal with this one, please comment to this post.

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I also make my own screencaps.

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